"Mami Wata” is West African pidgin English literally meaning “Mama Water” … “Mother Ocean” if you prefer. All of our surf clothing and accessories are proudly Made in Africa with Power, for the people of the world.

Take a look in our surf shop and find surf apparel for your next ocean adventure.

We believe in the Power of African Surf. Come with us.

"An enchanting tale"


"An enchanting tale"


About Us

We started Mami Wata because of love and belief - our love for surfing, design and Africa.

Our belief in the power of African surf has led us to focus on three core things.

Made in Africa with Power | Shining our African seas | African Nature Cures


My look - 2019

People change. Styles change. Here’s our take on what’s cooking.
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Africa. Surf. Nature. Three things that inspire us to do what we do: create surf apparel and accessories for people with a deeply ingrained desire to explore and discover Africa, wherever they may be.

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