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The Point 9'0


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Point is the section of reef at Jeffreys Bay, where it all began. Back then, surfboards weren’t really fast enough to ride the car park section known as Super Tubes, so all the action took place, further down, where the wave slows and mellows a little, allowing boards above 9’0 to really come into their own. The Mami Wata Point has a relaxed rocker with gentle nose concave and vee through the tail that works well with a box and trailer fin set-up creating a longboard that flies, glides and nose rides well.With a pulled-in tail and performance rail lines for navigating steep drops and trimming down the line, but still enough width for nose rides. The Point is a lot of fun laminated into a longboard. Each Mami Wata surfboard is handcrafted by master shaper Hugh Thompson in J-Bay.

Ordering & Shipping

Shipping to USA included.

Upon confirmation of order we’ll be in contact to get your information and requirements before your board is shaped. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your board before you order, please email us at surfboards@mamiwatasurf.com

Boards will take 8-10 weeks from the date you order to the day it arrives.