Rule Fair But Strong

Rule Fair But Strong

Posted by Mami Wata on September 17, 2018

Everyone wants to feel like the big boss. Mami Wata’s ‘I am the Ruler’ shirt will go one better as it is designed to make you feel like a king! Starting with the unique ‘Money Talks, Shit Walks’ design featuring wild banana palms, honey bees, 4x4s, sunrises, sunsets and waves… lots of waves, the shirt also got 9 buttons, two sleeves and two holes where your arms go. It’s also got a collar. You’re gonna love it. You will feel special.

To celebrate the launch of this benevolent shirt we held a party at the Southern Guild, just 100 meters down the pier from Africa’s biggest new art museum the Zeitz Mocaa. The Southern Guild Store, Currently also a Wallpaper magazine pop-up store, is filled with beautiful African design objects, including Mami Wata surfboards and other select items from our range. The Lake magazine editor, Steak Naude spun tunes ranging from Bubblegum to Kwela and Afrobeat from his Roasting Records catalogue, the beer flowed from the bottles of fine Striped Horse cwalas while the health conscious sipped Brew Kombucha health tonic, which also mixed nice with Clemgold Gin. When people grew tired of shuffling and spirits began to sag, we screened Mami Wata’s award winning short surf film, Woza and everything was alright again. Then everyone went home. Those with newly purchased ‘I am the Ruler’ shirts feeling more smug and regal than others. It was a good launch.

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