Nature's African Hospital in a bottle - Propolis

Nature's African Hospital in a bottle - Propolis

Posted by Mami Wata on September 17, 2018

African surf adventures don’t come for free. They come with cuts, scratches, bites, bumps and occasionally a who knows what it is, but it’s sore, itchy and looks odd. A bit of spit wont always do, mother nature though has the answer.

Bees have been around for more than 100 million years perfecting their recipe for keeping disease out of their hives. Masters at disinfection, their chemical weaponry is called Propolis aka “Russian penicillin”.

They make it by mixing their body secretions with plant resin, and they seal their hives and embalm their enemies with it. Humans have been using it for remedies for about 3,000 years and even the old testament praises it [Hebr. ‘tzori’]
Faithful followers believe it can solve any health problem while skeptics reject this. The facts show that it does not cure everything but what cannot be denied is the very impressive scientific data on the pharmaceutical value of Propolis including its ability to combat viruses (something that antibiotics cannot do). It strengthens the immune system rather than weakens it and pathogens do not build up resistance to it.

This amazing healing cream is wholly organic, without alcohol or any other solvents, and does not burn when applied to burns or wounds.

Our African Hospital In A Bottle is a unique blend of propolis wax, cold pressed olive oil, aloe vera and essential oils (rose geranium).

“Propolis wax” is much more than simply “bees wax”, it is the original mix of bees wax plus plant resins plus bees saliva and pollen residues… all made in the factory of the bee to waterproof and disinfect their hives and protect their young.
Apply externally to heal dry skin, itches, burns, wounds, sores, and rashes.

We source our propolis from a farm situated near the Peak View forests in the central Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The higher sun radiation levels in this pristine mountain area lead to elevated flavonoid content (a healing ingredient) in the bee products.

Thank you Nature. Thank you Africa.

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