Mfazazana – The Zulu Point Break

Mfazazana –
The Zulu Point Break

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Simply known as ‘The Spot’ by those who surf it, Mfazazana is one of South Coast KwaZulu Natal’s most pronounced point breaks, delivering consistent long walling rights that wrap around a rocky headland and unfold the blue sub-tropical waters of the Indian ocean over a sand and rock bottomed point. Depending on the swell, Mfazazana can serve up a variety of conditions from wedging barrels and ramps to long tapered walls perfect for carving lines and throwing hammers. With its high quality waves and balmy tropical climes, the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is sometime compared to Indonesia. But this is neither fair to Indonesia or the South Coast. Mfazazana is a jewel in this crown.

Turn left under the highway and up and over a rutted dirt road through the rural Zulu homesteads, Mfazazana does not give up her spoils too easily. You can park on the football field directly in front of the wave and take your chances, or make friends with a local family and park in their compound (for a small fee) to make sure the local skelms and tsotsis (toughs and thugs) don’t smash your window and steal your padkos (road food) along with your jeans, shoes, socks, cameras, underwear and other valuables.

Then just pick your way over the rocks and slip into the water. Because the point juts out so far into the sea, Mfazazana can hold a really big swell, so if you’ve got the balls and can make the paddle out to the backline, fighting the rip pulling you back up the coast towards Durban, you can catch some really big waves. Or you can just watch and then surf when it’s more fun.

Our Mfazazana board shorts give honour to Mfazazana.

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